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Peruse the random inner most workings of my mind. Creativity and potential trauma mingles together to create works of fiction that will delight and also prompt you to ask :”is she okay?”

A Year in Siena

My year abroad was one of unforgettable experiences, beautiful places and exceptionally hilarious and knowledgeable people. It sounds cliche (obviously as someone who went on a year abroad, I am full of them), but the whole year taught me so much about the world and myself. Siena, like its physical layout, is complicatedly stunning and […]


22.11.19- 24.11.19 ‘Tis the season to be looking forward to all things seasonally appropriate, such as but not limited to: Christmas lights, Glüwein, christmas carols, Michael Bublé coming out of hibernation, getting together with your loved ones, Santa’s arrival, attempting to make a gingerbread house/ WW1 battlefield for those who can’t keep the gingerbread standing, […]

Lago di Como

7.7.19-9.7.19 Italy is full of incredible places and scenery to explore. From it’s sandy beaches on its coasts to its natural springs and thermal baths dotted around tuscany and beyond, there is no shortage of things to see and experience. One of the many that should be on the very top of your list is […]


6.7.19-7.7.19 So this was not my first trip up to the capital of Italy’s industrial region. I have been up to Milan once earlier this year around October and a few times in my much younger years. Now Milan is the type of place you go to live. It has beautiful restaurants, thousands of shops, […]


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