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Peruse the random inner most workings of my mind. Creativity and potential trauma mingles together to create works of fiction that will delight and also prompt you to ask :”is she okay?”

Food Stop: Muriel’s Kitchen

Rating: 7/10 In the heart out of London’s incredibly posh neighbourhood of South Kensington, lies the perfect spot for a scrumptious brunch with a side of people watching. A short walk from both the famous Victoria and Albert Museum (a must see really, some exceptional exhibits on at the moment) and the Natural History Museum, […]

Food Stop: The Grayson Restaurant & Bar

Rating: 8/10  It’s a Saturday night in a post lockdown world, restaurants are back open in full swing in Dublin and you and your fully vaccinated sisters decide to take your more than deserving mother out for a night on the town (and by that I mean until 11:30 cause the pandemic is still a […]

A Year in Siena

My year abroad was one of unforgettable experiences, beautiful places and exceptionally hilarious and knowledgeable people. It sounds cliche (obviously as someone who went on a year abroad, I am full of them), but the whole year taught me so much about the world and myself. Siena, like its physical layout, is complicatedly stunning and […]


22.11.19- 24.11.19 ‘Tis the season to be looking forward to all things seasonally appropriate, such as but not limited to: Christmas lights, Glüwein, christmas carols, Michael Bublé coming out of hibernation, getting together with your loved ones, Santa’s arrival, attempting to make a gingerbread house/ WW1 battlefield for those who can’t keep the gingerbread standing, […]


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