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So this was not my first trip up to the capital of Italy’s industrial region. I have been up to Milan once earlier this year around October and a few times in my much younger years. Now Milan is the type of place you go to live. It has beautiful restaurants, thousands of shops, good transport system and a thriving nightlife but it isn’t really a city for the tourist. Of course, there are famous sights such as the Cathedral, the Sforza castle and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II which are stunning but definitely all seeable (is that word? I’m rolling with it anyways) in a day. 


Roof of the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II


The Cathedral in the day ft. me 


The Cathedral @night ft. Lizzie

In the case you are interested in doing a trip to the north, I would suggest that you spend two days maximum in Milan and then go on to somewhere else. This is what we did as we went from Milano to the ever stunning haunt of the Clooney family, Lago di Como. 


Lunchtime overlooking the Galleria: top tip watch out for the steps near the windows I pretty much snotted myself on them. Funny for Lizzie, a lifetime of embarrassment for me.


Sforza castles ft. Lizzie


I love a good door in a door moment

If you are the type of personal who likes to the visuals check out my latest trip video HERE

That’s all for now kids, 

See Ya! 

Your Gal, 



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