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22.11.19- 24.11.19

‘Tis the season to be looking forward to all things seasonally appropriate, such as but not limited to: Christmas lights, Glüwein, christmas carols, Michael Bublé coming out of hibernation, getting together with your loved ones, Santa’s arrival, attempting to make a gingerbread house/ WW1 battlefield for those who can’t keep the gingerbread standing, your mum making Toblerone ice cream and maybe even snow. I mean let’s face it the world’s weather is no longer predictable thanks to the fact that we are killing the planet.

Sidebar: check out the link HERE for more information  on how we can push our leaders to make a change to the attitude and approach in government to climate change. Maybe even DONATE TO A CHARITY OR ORGANISATION this christmas that is working to make sure Ireland will always be the Emerald Isle. I do not claim to have all the answers, and understand that a travel blog is a slightly hypocritical place to talk about these issues considering planes are one of the worst pollutants out there but it is still an important issue to discuss and try figure out. Perhaps, there will be a blog on how to travel more sustainably to follow this. 




Okay now that I am done plugging the environment and the future for all of mankind, on to Regensburg! Nothing is quite as perfect as heading to a christmas market to kick off the festive season. What is the best country to go to for these joy inducing markets you ask? Well Deutschland of course! Germany is full of these beautiful markets that offer delicious food, artisan decorations and lots of Glüwein.






Regensburg itself is a beautiful little town in  south-east Germany. With more than 150,000 inhabitants, it is the proud region of Bavaria’s fourth largest city and a perfect place to spend a weekend away in all months but especially coming up to Christmas. The easiest way to get there is to fly to Munich and then get the direct train to Regensburg. If you, like myself, live life with absolute notions then I would recommend getting yourself a bottle of Prosecco for the train ride there…it will fly by! 






The city is dotted with a bunch of lovely cafes and bars, stand-outs include Chin-Chin for drinks and Café Anna for coffee/cake, which you could spend your entire time visiting. Otherwise, it is the perfect place to stroll around and appreciate the architecture and pop into the shops and just relax. If you are looking for a museum fix, head to the new Bavarian Museum that has opened, It comes out to be the most comprehensive study of the history of Bavaria that I have ever come across and was such a lovely way to spend my final afternoon in the city. 






That’s it for now kids, short and sweet just like me!

See Ya!, 

Your Gal, 








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