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A Year in Siena

By Amy Fitzsimons

My year abroad was one of unforgettable experiences, beautiful places and exceptionally hilarious and knowledgeable people. It sounds cliche (obviously as someone who went on a year abroad, I am full of them), but the whole year taught me so much about the world and myself. Siena, like its physical layout, is complicatedly stunning and has the ability to make you feel as if you have transported back in time. The city and it’s culture taught me how to think and learn quickly but also to relax. If you don’t learn that essential skill you will really struggle to survive for any long period of time in Italy, trust me! Here is a video that tries, and I want emphasise tries, to encapsulate all of the craic that the city has to offer!

That’s it for now kids,

See Ya,

Your Gal,



A Year in Siena

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