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Food Stop: Muriel’s Kitchen

Rating: 7/10

In the heart out of London’s incredibly posh neighbourhood of South Kensington, lies the perfect spot for a scrumptious brunch with a side of people watching. A short walk from both the famous Victoria and Albert Museum (a must see really, some exceptional exhibits on at the moment) and the Natural History Museum, Muriel’s Kitchen is the ideal spot for a post museum trip lunch. After a morning getting lost in all the V&A had to offer, my best mate Chloe and I wandered over to Muriel’s Kitchen for lunch. Chloe had been their on her last trip to London and said we had to go again and once I saw the cozy interior of Muriel’s Kitchen, there was obviously no argument from me! Despite being there at prime lunch time, we only had to wait a few minutes before we were seated with menus at a table under the long window expanse where we could watch the people of London go by. Having already had a glimpse of what was in store for us while we were waiting, we were like children in a sweet shop when we saw what was on the menu – indecisive and wide-eyed.

Murial’s Kitchen offers an extensive lunch menu, with a good balance of heavier and lighter meals. Everything on the menu was your typical lunch offerings but with a twist. The people at Murial’s Kitchen are also clearly passionate about the produce they use, as the menu while being full of vegetables/ ingredients that were all seasonal, it was also carefully crafted to hero the ingredients used. From sandwiches and salads to a subsection of brunch offerings, I promise you will struggle in the best way to decide what to order- unless you are one of those impressively decisive people. I can assure you when it comes to food ordering I am not. If you can imagine the doubt and anxiety levels of Hades’ two side kicks in Hercules, that is pretty much how you should imagine me on the inside when trying to pick between food options. In the end, Chloe got the crispy free range chicken & slaw in a steamed pita and I ordered the Avocado toast with crispy bacon. We also ordered to mimosa’s for the table- don’t judge we were on our holidays.

The combination of the delicious food, the very well made mimosa’s and the clear view of one of London’s busier boroughs, it was a delightfully relaxing lunch. It is truly a fantastic spot to try out for a nice lunch. Good food, Good Ambiance, Good neighbourhood- check, check, check!

That’s it for now folks,

Your Gal,



P.S. If you are still hungry after your meal/ just have a sweet tooth like me, just around the corner is one of London’s famous bakeries, the Hummingbird Bakery. Honestly anything from this place is perfectly delectable. We went after lunch and got the most delicious and fluffy oreo cupcake you could ever try. Would 10/10 recommend!

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