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Lago di Como


Italy is full of incredible places and scenery to explore. From it’s sandy beaches on its coasts to its natural springs and thermal baths dotted around tuscany and beyond, there is no shortage of things to see and experience. One of the many that should be on the very top of your list is without a doubt, Lago di Como. 

The lake that draws the famous and fortunate to it, such as Amal Alamuddin, George Clooney, (+ their kids obviously) as well as such amazing figures like the Michelle and Barack Obama (I missed them by a day, I know, I cried). There is a reason as to why this lake served as the backdrop to George and Amal’s love story; it is simply the single most romantic place I have ever been. Now I was travelling with my best gal, Lizzie, and we both decided that the next time we returned to this magical place in must be with our future boyfriends and/or husbands. So if you, unlike me, have a significant other, you need to take a trip here. 


Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy




Even more scenes,,,

There are a bunch of little villages dotted around the lake, all of which are equally as beautiful as each other. We went to Como, Varenna and Bellagio. Como is the principal town of the lake and it shows. Not to say that it is any less magical but it definitely has more of a city vibe to it. There is a lot of traffic as the hoards of people arrive into the primary train station to trek around the lake. If you don’t like to be around the noise then I would suggest maybe half a day here to stroll around and then hop on the ferry and head off to one of the other little towns. 


Como’s Cathedral

If you are looking for a quieter and more remote perch on the lake, I would suggest Varenna. It is almost so relax it seems kind of sleepy. It is a tiny little village with just beautiful architecture and is filled with maze-like winding roads and cute, little nooks and crannies. It is the perfect town to stay if you truly want to leave absolutely everything behind and escape to the quiet. 




Us + scenes of Varenna

The town that we based ourselves in was Bellagio. Now in my not-so-neutral opinion Bellagio is the best place to stay. It is big enough that you won’t get bored or sick of it and small enough that you will never feel like its too busy to relax in. Honestly, it also is so incredibly dreamy with all its pink and purple flowered trees and bench dotted around the place. We stayed in the Hotel Silvio Bellagio which was a perfect fit for us. They have a main hotel and then a few other properties in Bellagio which provide different services. We stayed in their apartment accommodation Villa Colombina. It was a nice 10 minute walk to town and was really well kept. We really couldn’t have asked for more. The hotel also provides free access during the week to its guests to their lakeside club Lido di Bellagio where you can sunbath and chill out by the lake. There is also a bar and restaurant in the club in case you want to have lunch or a few drinks and not go far from the lakeside.  The staff there wasn’t the most helpful group of people I have ever come across but it was still a delightfully relaxing experience. There are a load of beautiful restaurants on the waterfront but I would suggest one night having an al fresco picnic down by the swimming area in Bellagio. It was so nice to watch the sun set on the lake. 


A goof, with the Bellagio scenes…


Us + Scenes 


Lizzie + scenes

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Lakeside vibes




FOOOOOODDD + scenes 

If you prefer a visual representation of a potential holiday, check out my video of the trip HERE

That’s it for now kids, 

See Ya!,

Your Gal, 



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