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Roma, Roma, Roma…. what can I say other then utter historical perfection.

The city of legends, (think Caesar,  Seneca, McGuire, Olsen), Rome does not need any endorsement. In all honesty, we went down to Rome to bask in the glory of an Italy -Ireland rugby match, (which can only be described as sub-par at best), and ended up having an incredibly, successful, cultural experience. Don’t believe me? Check out the video I made below….

Rome video here

Food Recommendations: 

    • La place del Plato – pumpkin and duck pastas and antipasti 
    • Bar del Fico – for aperitivo which is around 5:30/6 generally available know all bars – try Aperol Spritz, Hugo Spritz and vino/ antipasti
    • Cantena e Cucina – lasagne 
    • Risotto – pear and tallegio and arrancini 
    • Frigidarium 
    • Giollo’s 
    • Hotel Raphael- roof top terrace 
    • Pizzarium- try it all and supply Classico 
    • Da Simon – bruschetta / spaghetti cacio e Pepe
    • Seu Pizza Illuminati- unbelievable pizza 
    • The Trastevere area is a big foodie area- large amount of great bars and restaurants away from the tourist spots and more in the heart of where young local Romans would go
    • If you are in the mood for a non-italian meal/ brunch go to Ginger. The food in this restaurant is unbelievably good. Also not to sound even more basic but if you go, get a smoothie.
    • If you happen to be there for a match or just in the mood to stumble upon a decent Irish bar, you have to go to Scholar’s pub. It’s utter madness and the best craic you will have in a long time.

Recommendations for what to do: 

  • Walk around the city at night as well as day- in particular see the colosseum at dusk/sunset is gorgeous and the Trevi Fountain At night is amazing grab an ice cream and sit down and listen to the water and watch the fountain while it’s lit up and not filled with tourists
  • Good tour company: Together in Rome
  • Colosseum and Forum 
  • Our tour guide was Rachele
  • Very informative / historical background – interesting stories and facts – head sets were great. very busy- we could here everything – skipped the queue. A must
  • .Gave us an insight into what life was (and might have been) like in Ancient Rome. The only way to do it properly. 
  • It might seem expensive but you will not gain this experience doing it yourself or in a very large group. Worth the money – do it right!  She loved her job. 
  • Tips:
  • Book tour in morning
  • Bring sun cream and water
  • Wear decent shoes that you can walk about
  • Expect dust to get everywhere so don’t wear anything you would be stressed about if it got dirty
  • The Vatican- Vatican Museum, St.Peter’s Basilica and the Sistene Chapel
  • Our guide: Sara – very knowledgeable- respectful of the Vatican- loved her job and sharing the knowledge – she knew everyone so we were waved right through all queues. 
  • Tips: 
  • Book tour in the morning and bring water! 
  • No bags (small is fine)
  • Make sure to dress appropriately- have your shoulders, knees and feet covered and don’t wear any kind plunging or low neckline they are fairly strict for probably obvious reasons 
  • Also wear shoes you can walk a lot in! There are plenty of steps up to the basilica 
  • Make sure you see the Michelangelo’s Pieta statue in St. Peter’s it is beautiful 
  • Castel Sant’ Angelo
  • Known as Hadrian’s tomb as emperor Hadrian had wanted to use the site as his mausoleum 
  • Used by the Vatican and the papacy as a papal residence/escape route/fortress 
  • Spectacular views of the whole of the Vatican and the rest of the city from the top – underrated site and a definite must really stunning views and a cool history 
  • Didn’t do a tour for this just went ourselves – student tickets were 7€ but adult tickets I think were 15€ 
  • Tip: make sure to pay attention to the bridge leading up to the Castel ( ‘ponte sant’ Angelo’) built by the Romans under emperor Hadrian which is lined by the most beautiful sculptures! 
  • Spanish steps– really nice to go have a seat on them in the sun.
  • The Pantheon 
  • Entirely worth going into to see the famous dome
  • Villa Borghese Pinciana
  • Have to see: 
  • Galleria borghese 
  • Villa Guilia 
  • Villa Medici 
  • Siena Square 
  • Temple of Aesculapius 
  • Giardino Degli Aranci (Parco Savello) [“the garden of oranges”]
  • One of the most insane views of the entire city you can get 
  • Has a very romantic vibe to it 
  • Great place to go for sunset as well for full romantic aesthetically pleasing affects 

That’s it for now people, 

See ya! 

Amy xx

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