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Coffee Stop: Blandis Cafe & Wine Bar

Hi Kids,

If you are looking for an escape from Siena’s bustling and loud streets, then the place to go is the delightful bar called Blandis Cafe and Wine Bar (link here). It is located just outside the city around the Fontebranda neighbourhood. It is a small little bar with a beautiful outside area under a well placed awning and the friendliest staff in Siena. It is a the type of place where the people who work there remember you and treat you like a an old friend. I spent many a relaxed afternoon down in Blandis, enjoying their mass collection of beverages and snacks.  They also draw these incredible illustrations with chocolate on your cappuccinos. They are normally to do with Siena in some way and are always impressive.  They also do a kickass aperitivo which has a supreme selection of drinks and an array of snacks for free.






Spider webs



Summer in Siena



Torre del Mangia



A jockey



Essentially the Sienese version of a frappechino



Mozzerella and Ham aranchini

That’s all for now,

See Ya,

Your Gal,



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