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New York City 2018

Following our Thanksgiving trip to New Jersey, is our (still) food-filled adventure in New York. We spent our entire trip running around the deliciously, different culinary spots that New York City has to offer.

The food spots we went to, if you are interested, are listed below: 

  • Melt Shop, Midtown West – try the Maple Bacon grilled cheese, it’s the type of toastie that other toasties aspire to be. 

Maple Bacon Grilled Cheese

  • Blind Tiger Ale House, Greenwich – intimate pub where you could spend the New York winter days warming up next to its cosy fireplace.
  • Joe’s Pizza, Greenwich– this pizza speaks for itself. Being one of the considered pizza institutions of the city, it really needs no endorsement. 
  • Milk Bar-  That dream ice cream topping that we didn’t know we needed; cornflake milk ice cream. Don’t knock it. Just try it! 

Cornflake Milk Soft Serve

  • Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, Hell’s Kitchen– it’s like tasting the South, all in one bite. Well, minus all the discrimination, slave labour and backwards blood-stained history. Actually now that I think about it I should change it to: *all the good, non-controversial parts of the South, all in one bite.


  • Spicy Village, Chinatown- the BEST Chinese food you will ever eat and that’s a guarantee from me, a humble amateur foodie, and an actual qualified and extremely talented chef. 


  • Minnie’s on Clinton, Soho– BRUNCH PLACE. Unbelievably good pancakes and bellinis. 


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