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Winter in Siena: A Survival Guide.

From one rather cold human to another potential rather cold human here’s some hot tips (ha please appreciate the pun) to survive in Siena during the the Winter months:


1.Invest in some heavy duty duvets and blankets. (duh.)

2. Bring over a hot water bottle from the motherland- they do not have them within the walls of Siena.


3. BRING SNOW BOOTS. I am not kidding, I have a bruise the size of China from falling and a cold from, you know having wet feet from due to my lack of snow boots. Ooh and fluffy socks, bring fluffy socks. 


4. Cadbury’s hot chocolate is a must. It’s delicious and keeps your soul from freezing with the rest of the city.


5. Spend a lot of time in the Tea Rooms. Cake? good, Tea selection? good, General ambiance and cosy vibes? Goooooooodd.

(Respect to those who get the reference) 

6. Get a group of people together and go to the Ice skating rink near the Fortress. Its cheap and will guarantee some bruises and some laughs. 


7.  Brave the cold one of the days and go see the sunset from the Fortress. It is a sight you won’t forget. 

8. Invest in some sort of sleigh-esque device. The city’s natural hills, which normally aren’t my favourite part of the Sienese living experience, are transformed in the snow and call for some series sliding. 


9. Go see the Contrade Christmas Tree in the square. In true Sienese fashion, they do not let you forget that they divide themselves up into houses like they are in Hogwarts or something, even at Christmas time. Lord knows, not even Jesus’ birthday can take away from the Contrade.


10. Go to Nanini and try some Italian style hot chocolate. The only thing that I can compare it to is the stuff you dip churros into. You won’t regret it. 


Hope this helps! See you when the sun comes back out! 





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