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Food Stop:La Vecchia Latteria Gelateria

Hi Kids, 

I have just about two months left in this incredible country and so I thought I would lay out a food map to Siena for anyone who is visiting.

Now if you are looking for a good ice-cream and you are near the duomo area then step no further than La Vecchia Latteria. This has to be, in my opinion, one of two of the best gelaterias in Siena. They constantly change the flavours so you can always get something different. this includes a series of alcoholic flavoured ones which are actually unbelievable. My personal favourite of those would have to be the gin. If you are looking for sober ice cream, I cannot emphasis enough to get the raspberry which is Lampone in Italian. It is safe to say, I have had one of these nearly everyday since the heat began. 

Prices: 2 euro for the small cup of two scoops and then add fifty cents to the sizes up. Totally worth it! 

Some phrases you might need if you want to be cultured and order in Italiano:

Posso prendo….- literally translated to I can take but is used to mean ‘may I have,’ 

una coppetta/cono piccola… – a small cup 

con….- with

Lampone- Raspberry 

Stracciatella- chocolate chip

Menta- mint 

Crema- WARNING DOES NOT MEAN CREAM OR VANILLA- it is actually it’s a flavour on its on. It has a kind of honey twist to it.

That’s all for now, 

See Ya! 

Your Gal, 




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