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Food Stop: Scuola di Cucina Fonte Giusta

Hi Kids, 

My time spent in the Scuola di Cucina Fonte Giusta (link here) was probably one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences I have had since I moved here 10 months ago for my erasmus. My friend Lizzie and I did it for a day and learned so much and they only charged us 40 euros, which covered the four hour lesson and dinner with wine in their accompanying website after the meal. A complete steal. 




We learned how to make a tomato sauce, a ragu sauce, a cheese (unbelievably good) sauce and a pumpkin sauce. We then learned how to make 3 different types of pasta; ravioli, gnocchi and Pici, which is the traditional Sienese pasta that is thick, udon noodle kind of consistency. 






For secondi, they taught us how to make Beef tuscan stew, which was the nicest stew I think I have ever tasted. I honestly have never tasted so much flavour in a stew in my life. It is definitely something I will be attempting to replicate. For dessert we made a vanilla gelato, that tasted like heaven. After, we finished our many lessons, we were brought into the cooking school’s accompanying restaurant to eat the food we had prepared ourselves. This part of it is not for the fainthearted. I thought I was a good eater but this was a task that I could not complete. There was mountains of food that we had cooked and we were expected to eat it all. It is safe to say we rolled out of there. 



My advice is that you absolutely have to try this if you come to Siena. An experience not to be missed. 

That’s all for now kids, 

See Ya, 

Your Gal, 




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