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Food Stop: Osteria Permalico

Hi Kids,

If you are looking for unbelievably good tuscan food for a ridiculously cheap price then look no further than Osteria Permalico. 


The menu

Here, you will find a nice blend of locals and tourists enjoying their dinners immensely while drinking litres of wine for 6 euro. Yes, you read that correctly, 6 euros for a litre of wine. While also getting full from eating an incredible meal, you might also get a bit buzzed from the free flowing vino. 


The Vino….

It is also incredibly student friendly and offers a menu option where they charge 10-15 euro a head and essentially bring out the menu for you all to try and you each get half a litre of wine for yourself. Like I said, buzzed is the feeling I most associate with this place. 


The gals

My personal favourite dishes are the pici cacio e pepe, the sage and butter ravioli and the tiramisu which is made by the gods. 


Pici cacio e pepe




Tiramisu… it really will lift your soul up

That’s all for now kids, 

See Ya,

Your Gal, 



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