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Food Stop: Antica Trattoria Stalloreggi

Hi Kids! 

Another little gem located on my glorious street (Viva la Pantera!) is Antica Trattoria Stalloreggi. It is probably the most local restaurant for the area as it is normally where the people of the Pantera Contrada go to indulge in some of their local tuscan food. This will be a very short commentary as there is nothing really to say but if you want authentic tuscan food with authentic local atmosphere then you should go here. I would personally recommend the Pici al’ aglione. It was simple but my god the flavour was just insanely good. I have never quite tasted anything like it. 



Pici Al’ Aglione



Maddy Enjoying her food


Need I say more?






Panna Cotta


That’s all for now kids, 

See Ya, 

Your Gal



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