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Verona 2.0


Welcome back friends to another blog and video about another trip to Verona and Venice. These two places made such an incredible impact on me the first time around, that I went back for seconds. Now considering I sung (or more literally, wrote) Verona and Venice’s praises before I thought I would just write down some notable places we went to this time around, rather than bore you all again with my ramblings. 


So without further adieu, here are some places to look out for in our fair Verona: 

Touring around:

  • Arena di Verona– obviously a tourist attraction however this ancient, amphitheatre is far from over. They still hold events here today. These events are definitely more of the appreciation for the arts vibe rather than the live action episode of Game of Thrones vibe like back in the day. In spite of this they seem to be equally as popular as they used to be. We didn’t get to go to a concert but it is definitely something to put on the bucket list to come back and do! 

A slightly burned Amy strolling by the Arena


The Arena set up for a concert. Serious reason I am going to go back to see a show. 

  • Giardino Giusti– once again, a tourist destination. However, nothing can really beat a beautifully, curated garden. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, when the sun is out, there is no place quite like a garden. 

Me interrupting Aphaia’s peaceful moment by taking pictures

But where, oh where should I go to eat you ask? (not really but for sake of my humour let’s pretend you did):

  • Tacos and Cream (website here)– If you are, like myself, desperate for some non Italian cuisine, than look no further than a solid burrito, Quesadilla or loaded nachos from Tacos and Cream. It is located in spitting distance to Castelvecchio which means you can have a riverside texmex meal. Ideal, really. 

Lizzie’s burrito ft. Castelvecchio

  • Steampower (Trip advisor link here)- If you are in serious need for a coffee and a pastry then try here. The coffee was great and the croissants came in different flavours all of which were seemingly delicious. It is also great to people watch and if you love to watch Italians argue about who was the worse driver then this is the place for you!
  • Oblò Comfort Food (Website link here)- In need of Brunch ’cause you are a basic bitch like the rest of us? Then consider Oblò. With great food and central location, you really can’t go wrong here. 
  • If you are looking for some drinks at some point any of the bars that are dotted around Piazza Erbe are great craic with drinks of about 6/7 euro. delightful! 
  • If you are also searching for your one true love in the form of  fruit cups (Don’t ask. It is definitely a year abroad craving) then try the market stalls that are also located in the middle of Piazza Erbe. They are about 3.5-/4 euros and delightfully nourishing. 
  • Finally, let’s talk about Geletarias. Generally, in Italy you can’t really go wrong in any of their ice cream places, considering they all but invented the proper gelato. We happened upon two, that were great so if you were curious they were as follows: Amorino (Website link here) on Piazza Erbe and Patagonia (Trip advisor link here) on Via Mazzini. 

Amorino gelato spreading joy 

If you are looking for more information and recommendations check out my last post about Verona here.

If you would like a further visual aid for this trip then click here for a video of the weekend!

That’s all for now kids,

Thanks for paying attention,

See Ya!! 

Your gal, 

Amy xx 

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