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Venice 2.0


“An orange, gem resting on a blue, glass plate: it’s Venice seen from above”

– Henry James

Venice is without a doubt one of the most intriguing places in the world. There is nowhere else quite like it. It’s maze like streets, diagonal bridges and winding canals create a type of fairytale city to which the visitor could happily wander and dream around forever. (And by forever I mean 2-3 days, ’cause that’s all the time you really need in Venice to properly see it.)


* sighs *

In spite of my undying love for this city, Venice is not a universally loved place. It seems that it is a bit of a marmite place; you either love it or you hate it. I personally think that those people who don’t like it just went at the wrong time of year. Going before the summer months is the best bet to fall in love with this quirky little haven.  I have been there in February and now May and it was perfect both times but I would say that if you went any later you might live to regret it.


This time around we decided to treat ourselves to a gondola ride. Now these our the height of a tourist thing to do, but it is completely worth it, if you do it right. Stay away from the services in places like Piazza San Marco and instead, head into the city and find a gondolier in one of the smaller piazza’s. We found our guy in the Campo Santa Maria Formosa just sitting beside the bridge.  The gondola’s rides average around 80-100 euros for 30-40 minute rides, excluding tip. Make sure to agree on the price and route before getting into the gondola. We were incredibly lucky with our gondolier. He was a lovely venetian born guy, whose father had worked on the gondola before him. He really new the sights along the route he took us on and answered all our questions about the anomalies of venetian life.

If you are a book-lover you need to check out the Libreria Acqua Alta. I cannot stress enough how cool this bookshop is. Inside it you can found thousands of books strewn about the place. They are housed in things like a gondola and a bathtub and other such odd, items, that traditionally have no place in a bookshop. It also has an incredible, little courtyard out in the back where you can get an Instagram to end all Instagrams of you and your other book-loving friends, climbing books like they are steps, with an inspirational quote in the background.


If you are wondering about food, like I am about 80% of the time, and you are on a budget, like I am supposed to be all of the time, can I suggest you go to one of the many little, antipasti places and got some food to go and then sit on the bank side of the Rialto bridge and watch the world go by.


lunchtime views

If you would like a visual aid for Venezia or are just more of a video person than a reader, check out the video here.

Also, if you want to check out some more recommendations and information on Venice, check out my previous blog post on it here.

That’s all for now kids,

Thanks for paying attention,

See Ya!!

Your gal,

Amy xx

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