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Hi Kids,

So if you ever find yourselves living in Siena or in another Tuscan city for an extended period of time, in particular the summer time, there is one thing you need to know. In order to survive the heat of of the Italian summer YOU NEED TO LEAVE SIENA IN SEARCH OF WATER TO PLUNGE YOURSELF INTO. I am not kidding. Siena in the heat for a long time is properly dangerous. Literally nearly died of sunstroke several times already and it is only the beginning of June. Super.



The easiest source you can use to cool yourself down is obviously the sea. The easiest place to get to from Siena is Viareggio. It takes two trains and 12.50 euro each way and you are beside the sweet, sweet sea. A quick stroll away from the train station, the beach is dotted along with ‘bagnos’ which are little centres where you rent beds on the beach and have access to changing areas, showers, toilets and drinking water. We went to Il bagno Maurizio and payed a fiver each between five of us and got our own little area with beds on the beach. Would definitely recommend it!


Getting to know the locals

If you wanted to spend more than a day there, there are plenty of hotels and B&Bs to choose from. We found that the hotels were actually much better value than the Airbnbs on offer in Viareggio so we opted to stay in Hotel Massimo. Massimo is a hilarious guy and his hotel suited us perfectly as it was close to the beach, the restaurants and the big Conad supermarket. If you are wondering about a place for dinner, you should check out Ristorante Casablanca The staff are lovely and the food and wine is delicious as well. The dessert menu was so good, that we momentarily forgot we were students and treated ourselves to their signature dessert. No Ragrets as the kids say these days.


We couldn’t not stop and take a mirror selfie in the lobby, because we are very comfortable being basic.


Find you someone who evokes as much joy as this dessert does for Lizzie



That’s all for the advice I have for now,

See Ya!

Your Gal,



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