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Food Stop: Vivace Ristorante

Hi Kids!

Another day, another restaurant ticked off C’s list of restaurants that we must go to before her departure from this wonderfully, weird city. This restaurant is honestly one of the gems of Siena and if I had my say in any sort of official tour of the place, I would insist that at least one meal be had here. Before I go any further on my rant about how great this place is, the name would probably help; Vivace Ristorante.


C enjoying the views


Aperol, in hand

It lies, very conveniently for me, on my home turf and has the most incredible view  of tuscany for which you can enjoy on their beautifully furnished terrace with an Aperol spritz in hand. This description pretty much describes my mood for this whole year, if I am being honest. 


The best veg + pesto dish you will ever eat… I swear it’s a lot better than my description



Gnocchi with pecorino sauce and crispy bacon…need I say more?

The food on offer is of tuscan inspiration but of an elevated kind and is all moorish. It is definitely more expensive then the rest of the restaurants in Siena but is completely worth it. Between the delicious food, refreshing drinks, unbeatable views and great service (shout out to Anna, the sweetest waitress in this country), Vivace Ristorante is an Sienese experience that is not to be missed! 


She’s a beaut. 

That’s all for now kids, 

See Ya!

Your Gal, 




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