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Food Stop: Il Pomodorino

Hi Kids! 

If you are looking for a light fluffy crusted pizza, fresh locally sourced cheeses and toppings AND a stunning view of the city, well then you my friend are high maintenance and will love Il Pomodorino. It is advertised as the best pizzeria in Siena and I have to say they are not far off. 





They produce delicious pizzas that you can eat while enjoying an angelic view of Siena’s Duomo and Torre del Mangia. The only offer pizzas, so don’t go if some people in your party want other food, because you definitely will not get it but if you are all looking for decent pizza, Pomodorino’s is perfect. The staff are not the friendliest, it has to be admitted, but the pizza, view, cheap price and wine arguably makes up for their incompetence at their jobs. 



The angelic view…


That’s all for now kids, 

See Ya! 

Your Gal, 



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