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Food Stop: Ravioli Wang

Hi Kids, 

So obviously I am incredibly lucky to have been surrounded by so much deliciously authentic italian food this year. However, as a lot of people who are on erasmus can attest to, sometimes you crave something a little different. Do not get me wrong, italian cuisine is the best cuisine in the world, nothing can ever top it but a girl needs a bit of variety in her life. If you find yourself in Siena for a long period of time, or at least long enough to begin to crave something other than tuscan food, then look no further than Ravioli Wang.



Endless options…



Sweet and Sour Chicken at its best.



Veg Fried Rice

In this restaurant, you will find the best Chinese food in Siena. Honestly, I have actually never tasted sweet and sour chicken like it before so you could catch me saying probably the second best Chinese food I’ve had in my lifetime. The dumplings or Ravioli are also spectacularly good and if you have space at the end of the meal, you must try the matcha tiramisu. It is the lightest dessert you will ever have and one of the most delicious.  There are two restaurants in Siena; One, the original, outside the city’s walls on Viale Vittorio Emanuele II and the second, on Via Pantaneto in the city’s centre. I promise you will not regret trying this place. 

Happy Eating! 

That’s all for now kids, 

See Ya! 

Your Gal, 



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