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Vineyard Stop: San Giorgio a Lapi

Hi Kids! 

Now if you know me, you will know that I am a strong advocate for the beneficial effects of wine. It makes you happy and is an excellent stimulant for having unreal craic. What more can you want from a beverage? So, naturally, visiting a vineyard at some point has been on my agenda since I received the news that I would be drinking my way through studying in Italy for the year. 


The magical only rich people can afford these wines cellar



Tasting place…

Honestly, I am surprised it has taken me so long to accomplish this particular item on my erasmus year bucket list. This particular vineyard is only a ten minute drive from Siena, (11 euro taxi from piazza postale in the city centre) and can be found on Airbnb experiences. Our friend Minnie recommended it and for that I will be forever grateful as I honestly have to say it was one of the mostly enjoyable experiences. It is a family business that is currently being run by it’s fourth generation. The family has an interesting story behind them, (I’ll leave you to find this out for yourselves), and have an in-depth knowledge and obvious passion for wine and olive oil production. 



Wine selection



C in the cellar 


After a tour of a family chapel of the property which was as old as the wars between Cosimo de Medici and Charles V, a tour of the production facilities and the vines themselves, we sat down and tasted about 7 of the vineyards wines. They were all delicious, especially their new rosé bottle. Normally I am not a rosé girl, (red wine all the way, seriously let me bathe in that sweet nectar),  but this one was beautifully smooth. It was truly a spectacular setting to do it in as well surrounded by quintessentially tuscan scenery. We learned a lot about the process of the production of each one and had really engaging conversations with Alberto, our fearless wine connoisseur, and the other two people who were partaking, who were a lovely couple from the US on their honeymoon. The whole tour was supposed to last two hours but  actually went on all morning and only cost 25 euros. Infinitely worth it. I almost felt like I was cheating them for how much I learned and enjoyed the day. 



Living my best life



C living her best life



The tasting crew

That’s all for now kids,

See Ya,

Your Gal, 




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